Student Hub

Practice Toolkit: Downloadable practice charts, note taking templates, review charts, practice games, staff paper, etc.

Group Class Folders: Containing materials for each group class.

Beginner Student Checklist – A checklist of things to get you started with your violin or viola lessons.

Leanne’s Studio on Youtube – Beginner Playlist. Videos for beginner students to reinforce skill development in lessons. This takes you up to Twinkle Twinkle.

Leanne’s Studio on Youtube – Beginner Playlist.

Leanne’s Studio on Youtube – Tunes for Fun Playlist. A collection of familiar folk or popular melodies that you may wish to learn for fun. Each video has an approximate playing level (corresponding with Suzuki repertoire) listed in the description.

Leanne’s Studio – Tunes for Fun Playlist

Leanne’s Studio on Youtube – Practice Videos. Videos that mainly demonstrate sections of pieces within the Suzuki repertoire, to ‘preview’ new skills and assist with practicing at home. This is meant to reinforce what has already been taught in your individual lesson.

Leanne’s Studio – Practice Videos

How to Tune Your Instrument at Home:

How to Tune Your Instruemt at Home
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