Studio Policy

1. Registration & Lesson Commitment:
Registration for lessons is a commitment to the full lesson year (September to June). This includes individual lessons, group lessons, performances, and events. By registering, you are reserving your lesson time for the entire year.

2. Payment:
The first payment of the year is due before or at the first lesson in September. See Lesson Program & Tuition for tuition amounts, payment options, and payment deadlines.

3. COVID-19 Response:
In-person lessons at Mrs. Maitland’s home studio will occur when safe to do so, following the most up-to-date recommendations of Alberta Health Services, and Mrs. Maitland’s discretion. When not recommended, lessons will occur online instead, at the regular lesson time. Health and safety is always the primary concern, and everyone’s flexibility and patience will help ensure lessons can continue regardless of the format.

4. Sick Policy:
If students or family members are sick, they should stay home and not come to their in-person lesson. If they are feeling well enough, students may have an online lesson instead, at their regular lesson time. If students are unwell enough for an online lesson, a make-up lesson or refund will be offered. Please notify Mrs. Maitland as soon as possible by email, phone, or text message. Mrs. Maitland will also cancel in-person lessons and offer an online lesson, if able, if she or anyone in her home are sick.

3. Lesson Attendance:
Students are required to attend regularly scheduled individual lessons, whether online or in person, along with a legal parent or guardian. If you will be late or you will miss a lesson, you are expected to notify Mrs. Maitland as soon as possible by email, phone, or text message. There will be no refunds or make-up lessons for any lesson cancelled or missed by the student, except in the case of the Sick Policy or other extenuating circumstances, at Mrs. Maitland’s discretion.

4. Group Class Attendance:
Students and parents are expected to attend the regularly scheduled group classes, whether online or in person. If you will be late for a group class or you will have to miss a group class, you are expected to notify Mrs. Maitland as soon as possible.  There will be no refunds or make-ups for any group lessons missed by the student, parents and/or guardians.

5. Cancelled Lessons:
Mrs. Maitland may occasionally need to cancel lessons to accommodate rehearsals and performances. Make-up lessons will be offered, but if this cannot be accommodated, the cancelled lesson will be credited towards the next semester or refunded in June. Missed make-up lessons will be forfeit.

6. Concerts and Special Events:
Students are expected to perform in three concerts, as outlined in the Studio Calendar. Students may also be expected to attend and take part in other performances, festivals, recitals, master-classes, RCM exams, or other special events throughout the year. There may be additional costs associated with some of these events, including accompanist fees or registration fees.

7. Withdrawal:
One month’s notice (4 weeks) must be given if withdrawing from lessons. Students will pay for these 4 lessons whether they attend them or not. Withdrawal from lessons will result in forfeiture of scheduled make-up lessons. Mrs. Maitland also reserves the right to terminate the teaching relationship.

8. Communication: The email address you provide will be the main method of communication. Please check it regularly. Phone/ text may also be used. Please contact Mrs. Maitland primarily via email at leannemaitland(at), but you can phone or text 780-887-4686, especially if you’re unable to attend your lesson.

9. General Health and Safety:
You are encouraged to inform the teacher of any health issues your child may have. This information will be kept in confidence and is required for the safety and accommodation of your child’s learning environment. Please note that a hypo-allergenic cat (Siamese) resides at Mrs. Maitland’s house but will not be present in the studio during lessons.

10. Respect for Property:
Parents are responsible for their children and agree to be respectful of all musical instruments and property. They will be financially responsible for any damages sustained to any property in Mrs. Maitland’s studio and home. Parents may bring other siblings to lessons, but a parent must be present at all times.

11. Waiver:
Neither Mrs. Maitland nor any current or future inhabitant of her home and studio shall be liable for any personal injury or loss of any kind in or around the premises.

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